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Outreach Event


Community Garden and Beading Workshop

On Wednesday the 11th of May an event has been planned for partners of delegates, or other interested conference participants.
Join us as we help prepare the Ramonsadi Primary School’s Community Garden for further planting. Come out and see the garden, meet the local woman and children, ask questions about getting involved and lend a hand as we get the beds prepared for planting! Volunteers and gardeners are needed to help till the garden and plant the seedlings.

When we are done getting our hands dirty in the garden, we will move onto a Beading Workshop and learn how to make your very own South African flag using wire and beads!


Those participating in these events will need to bring R300 as a donation for the school. If you're interested in volunteering or would like more information about the event please email Mary Gubb at mary.gubb@wofire.co.za.