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Conference Objectives

Building on the outputs of the previous International Wildland Fire Conferences (Boston 1989, Vancouver 1997, Sydney 2003, Seville 2007), the objectives of the 5th conference are to:

  • Provide a forum for fire management leaders, politicians, professionals, researchers and practitioners worldwide to discuss critical fire issues affecting communities, resources and ecosystems and work co-operatively on the consolidation of a global wildland fire management strategy.
  • Strengthen the effectiveness of the Regional Wildland Fire Networks and support their links into the UNISDR Global Wildland Fire Network.
  • Strengthen international cooperation and exchange in Fire Management practice.
  • Provide a platform for the fire management industry, research organizations and fire specialists to display innovations, new technologies, products and methods for wildland fire management, as well as interact with the conference participants.

The Conference Programme will be thematically arranged to follow key aspects of Integrated Fire Management (IFM):

·         Fire Awareness and Prevention

·         Protection and Prescribed Burning

·         Resource Sharing and Co-ordination

·         Fire Detection and Suppression

·         Fire Damage Rehabilitation

·         Fire Research


The Programme will include presentations on:

·         Fire management and poverty alleviation in developing countries

·         Fire management and carbon sequestration innovations

·         Institutionalizing application of the Incident Command System

·         International exchange and assistance programmes and protocols

·         As well as an aerial fire-fighting demonstration with live fire in a Game Reserve