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Global Wildland Fire Experts Focus on Regional Crises

Thu, 28th April '11


Lanyards for Wildfire 2011

Wildfire experts from 73 countries, who are in South Africa for the 5th International Wildfire Conference to he held at SunCity from 9-13 May, will spend one afternoon of the week-long meeting with regional colleagues building networks while addressing local problems and solutions.

Six regional sessions will take place concurrently at Sun City on Wednesday, May 11 from 15:50 to 18:00. The regional session for South America will be in Spanish.

Wildland fire experts, Gary Morgan, from Australia, and Bill de Groot, from Canada, will chair the North American and Australian session. Discussion will centre on how their respective countries co-ordinate fire management agencies. The discussion will also look at opportunities for international collaboration.

The South American, meso-American and Caribbean contingent will assess a host of cross-border wildfire issues. René Cifuentes and Patricio Sanhueza from Chile will share their experience of multi-national cooperation in a mega fire that happened in the Torres del Paine National Park.

Representatives from northeast, southeast and south Asia will discuss bilateral and multilateral co-operation agreements in wildland fire management. At the same time European countries will look at the influence climate change is having on wildfire in Mediterranean countries and the Alpine region. Their goal will be to identify more opportunities for collaboration 

Delegates from Eurasia, southeast Europe, the Caucasus and central Asia will talk about: “Enhancing International Cooperation in Wildland Fire Management.” This session will be co-chaired by Andrey Eritsov of the Federal Forest Agency, Nikola Nikolov from the Regional Southeast Europe/Caucasus Fire Monitoring Centre and Wildland Fire Network and Johann Goldammer of the Global Fire Monitoring Center and Eurasia Wildland Fire Network.

Countries in sub-Saharan African will focus on: “Effective Fire Management in Africa through Strengthened Networking Systems.” This session will be co-chaired by David Asare from Ghana’s Forestry Commission and Alex Held representing AfriFireNet. This crucially important session will give African countries a unique opportunity to hear presentations and take part in discussions on a common platform towards fire management in Africa.

Of special interest will be the Ethiopian presentation on the causes of recurrent and extensive forest fire incidence in the Bale Mountains National Park.

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